Our Mentors

Mentors play a key role in shaping individuals by bringing industry experience in a 1:1 setup, get advice to steer their learning, and fill experiential gaps. Initially, we are focusing on curating mentors through our networks; in near future, we will open it up for interested individuals through a vetting process. Following are some of our Mentors who are helping individuals reach their potential:

Binda Satpathy

Founding Mentor
Doctoral Student of Leadership & Learning in Organizations, K-12 Math Faculty (Gifted Programs) with Bellevue School District, and Microsoft Alum.

Preethi Vemu

Founding Mentor
Senior Technical Program Manager

Yogesh Roy

AI Leader with Microsoft.

Sushant Shrivastava

Director Technology Strategist

Saranya Vemu

Senior Program Manager

Sabyasachi Pradhan

Principal Software Engg Manager

Ramesh Chengalrayan

SRE Lead

Ramana Kotapati

Senior Technical Program Manager

Become a Mentor

Contact us at mentors@springtransits.com, if you are interested to share your learning with our cohorts!