How It Works

Screening Process

We build a Pod first, which is made up of aspirants with following attributes:

Tech Background

We are hoping that majority of Pod members have STEM background.


Time Commitment

A minimum of 2 hours and maximum 5 hours of time commitment is required per day. We have come up with the time commitment based on the time a new mother can spare to reboot a rewarding tech carrier in 5 years

Past Experience

 We prefer members to have some experience, we want to make sure that a Pod as a whole entity has at least 1 year of average work experience.    

Role Fitment

We have limited roles that make up a tech company, Dev, AS, TPM and PM. We will expand as we grow but for now, we actively look for members who want to fit into one of these roles.

Alignment with current programs/products/services

We are a Microsoft tech stack based company to begin with, so we will be looking for individuals who are looking to make a carrier in Microsoft stack. As we develop more partnerships and outreach, we will definitely expand to Open Source, Google, Amazon and any other tech stack.

Contribution Potential

We are really looking for people who are serious about getting into workforce in future and are willing to give time and energy.


Team Dynamics

We are very particular about who becomes part of the team. The team as a whole will decide who could join when they are backfilling an open spot.




Pod Allotment

  • Unless there is room in a group (POD) to work with, we will not absorb new hires. We are intentionally keeping the Pod size to 5 or 6 individuals.
  • As these PODs are self-reliant and close-knit, it is important to look at the team dynamics and fitment. We also care for location and diversity for POD’s intellectual well being.

Product and Services

We will focus on B2B + SaaS + IoT Wireless + Data Analytics + AI based products and services as a mainstay for the company. However, we will work on any project that will help build technical depth and is related to Microsoft stack.

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